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Matt Giles: Bio

I was born in Baltimore, Md. in October of 1970. As far as back I can remember, my family always had a piano in the house. Growing up I played a little piano and started playing trumpet in middle school. I got my first guitar on my 13th birthday. I was pretty much hooked from that day on. 

I moved to Austin, Tx. on August 27th, 1990, coincidentally the day that Stevie Ray Vaughan died. I was a huge fan of his and he was part of the reason I moved to Austin. That, and Antone's night club on Guadalupe. I thought I was going to be a blues guitarist for the rest of my life. The more I played in Austin, the more I encountered different styles of music. I ended up playing in different bands, anything from singer songwriters to rock and roll, honky tonk to r&b. Mainly, I played what I call American southern roots music. I love cajun music, jazz, conjunto, blues, funk, soul, and rock and roll. Occasionally I like to listen to classical and weird music from far away lands.

I've been a side man in Austin Texas for over 26 years. I have been working on a solo record that brings my love of American southern roots music and all of  my years of experience as a musician together. This will be a window into the sum total of what I am as a songwriter, guitar player, singer.

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